2D Evacuation Plans Featured

Even our 2D maps are in a class by themselves. 

Although we are strong advocates of using 3D evacuation plans, simply because they are better and in compliance with future trends, we are also happy to provide 2D maps for any site or property, which are of the highest standard in the industry. 

We use the latest technology to produce our maps and are constantly working alongside institutions to ensure that our systems are up to date, and that our processes are streamlined for enhanced productivity.

Our 2D maps clearly indicate all available evacuation routes and exit signs. The maps also highlight all locations of life-saving firefighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses and fire alarms making it easy for anyone to orientate themselves and respond quickly.

Under duress, unnecessary details only add to the confusion of the moment, which is why simplicity is a consistent trait on all of Safexit floor plans. All of our maps include only the most pertinent and vital information, excluding details such as bathroom fixtures and furniture.

This simplicity speeds up the orientation process and response time, mitigating loss and saving both lives and property. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us you if you need more information or assistance.