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Do your guests know where to meet in the case of an emergency evacuation?

Site maps display the surrounding areas of a given building and, depending on the purpose of the map, indicate where the building is located in reference to other landmarks. 

Designated meeting points, parking areas for cars or bicycles and other relevant information are highlighted by small pictures or symbols for easy identification. 

A sitemap can cover a large area or just the immediate surroundings – the alternatives are endless and therefore it is a good idea to define what the purpose of the map is in order to determine how big the area should be. 

These maps can stand alone to show both employees and guests the various walking and bicycle routes. They can also be inserted onto the evacuation maps in each room to show where the designated meeting point is, or where the hotel is located in relation to other landmarks. 

We produce both 3D and 2D site maps and can help you to define the area and which type of map is best suited for the purpose.